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Moon Cake Free tutorial..

I had said I would make a cake for the fete.

I forgot until the last moment.

I realised I would have just enough time if I just got started straight away.

I mixed a chocolate cake got it in the oven and it baked perfectly, with time to spare.

I carefully got it out of the oven and then disaster……some of the cake stuck in the tin, Noooo!


The following is an instructional for anyone to do, if the same thing ever happens to them.


Step 1) Mix a chocolate cake and bake in a round tin.

Step 2) Cook cake, then tip out of the tin leave some behind…..don’t panic.

Oh No! My cake!!

Step 3) Cool cake on a wire rack.

Step 4) Cut cake into a half moon shape and fill any cracks with orchard icing.

If you want a smoother finish you can do a thicker layer of icing!

Step 5) Using food dye, make up a small portion of pink, blue and a large portion of yellow orchard icing.

Use a few drops and mix it in well until you get the desired shade.

Step 6) Using a large rolling pin roll out the yellow icing to cover the whole cake.

You need a large even surface to work on, the size of the icing needs be able to fully cover the cake.

Step 7) Cover the cake with the yellow icing and then using the other colours add, eyes, and a mouth.

One finished moon cake for the fete!! Yeah!

There you go the perfect solution to what to do with a cake that stuck in the tin!


The Veggie boat!

It’s always fun finding ways to get children excited about vegetables. Here’s one I tried with huge success!!


2 Celery sticks

1 slice of bread

2 zucchinis

1 egg

1 small can of tuna

a dozen beans

2 carrots


grated cheese

1 cup rice

Salt and Pepper to taste

blue food colouring

Step 1: Hollow out the zucchini, using a small spoon and place the removed parts in a bowl.

Don't hollow right to the edges, leave enough to hold a fairly runny mix in.

Step 2: Mash the contents of the bowl adding the Tuna the egg and salt and pepper.

It will look better when it's finished I promise!

Step 3: Place zucchini shells on a greased baking tray, or dish.

Step 4: Spoon the mix back in to the shells sprinkling grated cheese over the top.

Use your favourite cheese!

Step 5: Cook in oven at 180 for approx 20mins. Cheese will be browned and zucchini softer when cooked.

Step 6: While this is in the oven cook your rice using the absorption method. ( 1 cup rice 1 cup water bring to boil then turn to very ver low heat and leave to sit for 10mins. Perfect every time)only this time add some blue food dye to the water!!

Yep blue rice is optional!

Step 7: Cut up carrots to look like shark fins, pull the broccoli apart to look like people and cut the bean in half to look like oars. Then lightly steam the veggies.

Carrots fins take a little bit of time but are worth it!

Step 8: While that is all happening cut up the celery to look like masts and the bread to look like sails.

Here is it one Veggie Boat for tea!

Step 9: Once all cooked, construct your boat and serve as a surprise for tea!

One friend even suggested I should have added a plank!! To make the people walk the plank! Maybe next time!!!

Do you love to read Harry Potter and always wanted to try some butter beer but you can’t have any dairy? Well I have created the recipe for you. It makes enough for 4 people.


3 heaped dessert spoons of Brown sugar

3 heaped dessert spoons of Nuttelex

800mls of Soy Milk

4 scoops of soy icecream


Bar mix

4 mugs

Dessert spoon

Large jug that can go in to a microwave safely


1)Place the Nuttelex in microwave and melt until runny

2)Stir in brown sugar until it’s a thick  sticky consistancy

3)Add soy milk and stir well

4) Heat in microwave stopping every minute to stir and check the temperature

5)When warm use a bar mix to make sure it is well mixed and then heat to a good hot temperature but do not boil.

6)Put a scoop of icecream into each mug

7)Pour hot mix over the icecream

It is so yummy!

Opps I drank it all it was too yummy!

My  favourite colour is purple, so when I was told to check out a blog called “the purple person“, I thought this has to be good.

Good is not the word….fabulous is.

I have just down loaded a couple of the free tutorials and I can’t wait to start. Such a generous blogger with great ideas and designs.

Love it love it!

I think I will make the wallet first…..just as soon as I finish this quilt!

I might have to the interior in purple in honour of the purple person!

Want to make your own check out the purple person free tutorials! Yeah!

Zucchini Heaven.

Main Ingredient:  1 large zucchini


My friend kindly gave this and another lovely zucchini from her garden. I was very impressed with them, then I was even more impressed when she told me it was her first attempt at growing a garden.. would you believe it! I can’t wait to see what she grows for her second attempt!!

The following is just one of the things I made with these lovely home grown goodies!

Step 1:

Cut the zucchini in to slices, about 1cm thick.

Like this...but more!

Next you will need:

1 large handful of plain flour,

1 large handful of bread crumbs,

1 egg,

1 splat of goats milk (no more than 1/4 cup) oh and you could use cows milk if you prefer.

A pinch of sea salt and some freshly ground pepper.



Step 2:

Put the plain flour on to a flat surface, a plate is fine. Lightly coat the zucchini in the flour by sitting it on the flour then turning in over. If there is too much just brush it off with your finger. You only need a light covering.

Some flour might end up on bench too!

Step 3:

The next thing you need is a bowl, crack your egg into the bowl and stir with a fork until mixed. Then add the goats milk, the salt, and pepper.  Stir this altogether.

Step 4:

Take the zucchini that has already has a light flour coating and dip it in to this mix. Make sure you turn it over and get a good covering.

As you can see you really don't need much.






Step 5:

Next you need to spread out your bread crumbs on a level surface, actually a bowl is fine too. If you like you can mix in some spices with it if you like something with some zing if you are into that sort of thing.


Step 6:

Pick up the zucchini up out of the egg mix and coat both sides of it with bread crumbs. Then set side.

Ready to cook! Hmm.. still got it on the bench with a bowl!!

Step 7:

Repeat all of the steps until all of the zucchini is dipped ready for cooking. If you are trying to work out how many to do, I found that 3 good size pieces are enough per person.

Step 8:

Next you will need a frying pan. One with a good solid base always helps. Fry them with some vegetable oil over medium heat, not too hot or it will burn the bread crumbs and not cook the zucchini. Once they are soft and the bread crumbs are brown, they are ready to eat.



Remember these will go really well with just about anything, but just in case you are wondering what I did put with them…….I did roast kangaroo with mashed potatoes, honey carrots, accompanied by a capsicum and pineapple chutney. Oh yes, it was very, very YUMMY!

Hungry yet???

What do you make when someone gives you a bag of lovely looking home grown broad beans for your birthday? Well I made a lovely batch of falafels. The best I have ever made! I have always just used a dry packet mix before. These were ten times better! To celebrate just how lovely these were I am going to give you a tutorial on how you too can make them!

First peel your broad beans.

The beans came up to about to the 2 cup mark.

Then blend in the blender until fine.

Now from here on I just used what ever I had in the house.  It was a last minute decision to make these for tea and I had no time to shop. With this in mind here comes the rest of the instructions.

Next open one can of chick peas and put them in the blender.

Blend until smooth.

Then from the garden I picked some flat parsley and blended this with 1 brown onion.

I have heard that flat parsley is the best for falafels.

Then I added 2 very large teaspoons of crushed garlic, followed by cumin, sea salt, pepper, coriander, and a herb mix. I would have added some more spices here but there were certain critics in my house that prefer spices left off. You feel free to adlib here.

Blend in your favourite spices.

Stir everything together adding a teaspoon of sesame oil as you go.

It should look like this now!

Next get your hands into it and start rolling the mix in to balls. I made mine about the size you see a falafel in the shops. Then I coated them all lightly in breadcrumbs.

Some people also like to add egg white to the mix.

Then heat a pan with oil in it. Falafels are cooked easily if they are deep fried. But I just used a shallow layer of canola oil in a frying pan and turned them carefully…a lot to stop them sticking and cook them evenly.

Falafels are a nice golden colour once cooked.

Then I served them in a wrap with rocket leaves from my garden and other salad things I had in the fridge. I topped it all of with some home made peach and mango chutney. Yummy!

Home made falafels!

Good luck, hope yours are as yummy as mine!

Oh and don’t forget to enter the give away!

You will need two different coloured fleece and 50cm of 12mm elastic

First I cut all of the fabric in to approx 50cm strips.

Here are all of the steps after that….

1) Cut the fabric to make it 20cm wide.

Measure down 20cm then cut across to make a rectangle 20x50cm

Repeat for second colour

You should now have two different coloured rectangles.

Step 2)  Lay the two colours on top of each other and fold in half.

I put the darker colour on the outside.

Then sew all four edges together. (use an overlocker if you have one)

This forms the top edge.

This is continued along the full 50cm length


Step 3) Turn the fabric inside out so that the seam goes in to the middle. This will bring the second colour to the outside.

Now the lighter colour becomes the outside.

Next sew a seam 1.5cm in from the already sewn edge. This is about the 5/8 measurement on your sewing machine. 6/8 would be fine too – just no smaller as you need to fit the elastic through.

This is making the sleeve for the elastic

It should now look like this.

Step 4) Now cut along the mane approx every 1cm. Cut from the bottom up to but not in to the seam for the elastic.

I placed a ruler over the top to help guide and remind me to stop cutting before I got to the seam.

Step 5) Using a elastic threader or a large pin slide the elastic through the sleeve you created earlier.

This is my elastic threader.

As you feed it in try not to twist it.

Remember to not let the other end pull through.

Step 6) Overlap the elastic ends and sew them together. I went back and forward a couple of times for strength.

When you are finished trim off any daggy threads

Then you should have 1 Lion Mane!

Yeah finished!

Have fun!


Buttoned Hair!

Well after a bit of a google about, I could find no buttoned hair. Loads of hair clips and ties with buttons but none with just buttons threaded on like beads. Who knows maybe I have had an original idea.  With this in mind I set about trying to create buttoned hair. I have only done a few so far but I love it. I will have to be careful not to get too carried away as I imagine that sleeping with too many buttons in your hair would result in 1) no sleep 2) a mess. I will try it tonight with just a few in my hair and see how these few go before becoming a complete button head!

With all of this in mind I now give you the instructions of how I did it. Please do try this at home. In fact send me some photo’s if you do and I will put them up on my blog. Just make sure you send anyone who loves your new look to check out the blog. Who knows maybe I will have another original idea!

You will need some buttons, I used ones with two holes to help it stay in place.  You will also need a needle threader, some hair and at least a little bit of patience.

You need these!

Step 1: Choose a few stands of hair .The bunch together needs to be able to fit through the holes in the button.

Step 2: Push the threader through the hole in the button.

step 3: Feed the hair strand through the threader

Step 4: Pull the threader back through the hole and this will pull the hair through the first hole.

Step 5: Repeat step 2, 3 and 4 for the second hole.

Step 6: Slide the button to height you wish to have it sit in your hair.

Then why not try a few different colours.

This is the perfect hair do for your next crafty night out or in for that matter!

Hope you have as much fun as I did.

Oh and remember buttons are not baby or toddler friendly !