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It’s give away time!!

Wow, time flys around here, it feels like only yesterday when I promised to do a Give Away …..opps! Oh well, here it is a little late but a give away none the less!

This week to celebrate my birthday last week…I am offering one of my new hand made, needle felted, flower hair clips. I have made a very spunky black one for this competition.

You could be lucky enough to win this hair clip!

If you want to enter all you have to do is post a comment on my blog under this post before 12 midnight on the 12th of December. If you create a link from your blog there’s an extra entry for you.

You don’t need to have your own blog to enter this competition but you do need to have an email address so that I can get in touch with you…. if you are the lucky winner!!

Good luck!


I had just enough free time this weekend to squeeze in some needle felting. Unfortunately I had no internet access, which was a bit disappointing so I couldn’t try out some of the very amazing tutorials I had seen on line. Instead I had to try and remember what I could and just make the rest up. Which let’s face it, can be even more fun! Well, I will show you my creations and you can be the judge of my first attempt to make something other than flowers. First I tried for a cherry tomato, then a strawberry, then a snail, followed by a butterfly and finished with a lemon…well I haven’t quite finished that one yet!

Not really to any kind of scale!

More needle felted flowers!

I have been making a couple of needle felted flowers. They are so much fun to make. Lots and lots of stabbing. Over and over you stab and shape and the suddenly you find you are calm and have made something very sweet and pretty!

A flower garden on my table!

I guess I will have to work up the courage to make something different next. There seems to be loads of tutorials available on  line. It’s just hard to choose which one to do!

Last Thursday craft meeting…

If we weren’t so flat out it might have been a sad occasion. As it was, with the fair only another day away, there was lots of things happening.

More craft!

I managed to use a bit  more felt and made a couple more purses.



















While others made more clips priced, wrapped and threaded the time quickly disappeared!

All up we have 90 hair clips for the stall and with all of the other things together it is an amazing looking stall. It should be a great day. Well done everyone! You have all worked so hard and it was worth every second, every stitch, every bead, all the cake and coffee not to mention the good heart warming fun and laughter. I look forward to joining with you all again next year for even more of all of the above!

I have done a little bit more needle felting. I’ve have combined a couple of things I like in this one, old buttons and needle felting. I just have to work out now if I should put a strap on it or not!

Stitchen' it

Needle felting!

My online purchase of wool for felting finally arrived yesterday, it had been at the post office all along! Anyway with much excitement I have started two more needle felted items! Then a friend came over and instead of doing the normal thing and putting it away I took the second option and asked if she wanted to give it a go. Talk about a natural this is what she made in just a couple of hours.

A very funky flower!

Also a very funky angel!













I can’t wait to see what you do with the Angel! It’s the sweetest little design. Happy Birthday my friend hope you enjoy the new batch of jam as much as you did the old one!