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Check out this link


Wow, I love this.

When I think of all the fantastic mens shirt fabrics I have seen in my op-shop obsession from stripes, checks, flannel, all of those times I put it back because although I loved it I just couldn’t think exactly what to do with it. (yes I am getting better at reducing my stash rather than adding to it…sometimes). After reading this link all I can think of now is missed opportunities of those shirts I put back. I am already picturing few new items I can create for my wardrobe.  I love refashion ideas, and this lady seems to have loads of them!  I can’t wait to try this one….only 6 more weeks until holidays and a break from homework, which means more time for sewing. Yeah!



I love to wear skirts. I think it has something to do with the fact that I can’t wear them to work makes them seem even more appealing. I have had a couple of skirt ideas, I have wanted to make for a while sitting in the sewing started pile……you know that pile. The one to be finished when I get a free moment!

One of these skirts, I have picked up and put down more times than I can count. I am making it without a pattern and I had ideas of having a dressy looking skirt with a grunge feel. Sounds a little bit like a contradiction really doesn’t it. Well Finally I just bit the bullet and had an attempt at finishing it.

I am pretty pleased with the finished piece. From a distance it looks very much like a nice dressy skirt. But when you get close up you can see the raw edges of the fabric all starting to fray and hopefully over time these will get even messier.

I love this little kick out of colour

I love the lines!


Not sure if you can see in the photos but I have deliberately not joined the front to the back in the lower half of the skirt. There is a slight over lap so you can’t see it just as you stand still. It is really only noticeable when you walk, the same as the red. I have worn the skirt again today and it is starting get some better frayed sections now. I think our clothes can say a lot about ourselves. I love that this skirt is made from fabrics I picked up at the op shop, I love that it has the look of something quite dressy with the double lined top stitching, vintage style and fitted sections but what I love most is the finishing touches of raw cut edges. This is me, and I love it!!

I finally decided I would indeed make that Peter Rabbit fabric in to a cute cushion. I even tried my hand at pipping. The result is one very cute little cushion the perfect finishing touch for any bedroom!

Little Peter Rabbit was always getting himself into trouble!

When you sit down to name all of the reason you want to save the earth, what sort of ideas come to mind?

Do you think of lots of really noble reasons, like, for our children and their children.

What about this one not so noble but definitely worth considering!

Save the Earth it's the only planet that has Chocolate!

Yeah!  I made another apron for the Ecofest market. Fabric from an op-shop, bias binding from a garage sale and the design done on my embroidery machine which runs on power from the solar panels on our roof. When I stop to think about it I am trying really hard to save the earth in so many ways…….Yep, you guessed it I really like Chocolate!

Op-shop score!

How many times can you walk in to an op shop and just find what you need…..

Safety me!

One new pair of safety googles not a cheap and nasty set either. Not a scratch on them! Now I have no excuse to finish off my buttons!

I have been finding some fantastic blogs coming from Tasmania lately. One that I stumbled across today is wonderful. Anyone who likes sewing machines, op shops, buttons, up-cycling, old suit case and vintage fabric is someone I want to read more about. If you would like to read along as well check it out.

3 Red Buttons

Sew fantastic! Great buy Angie!

Shirt Apron

I have been wanting to make an apron from a shirt from ages, the trouble is every time I find a shirt I like enough I can’t bring myself to cut it up. Just in case someone wants to wear it! Yet finally I did it and my idea has actually worked really well. It was hard to get a good photo but check it out!

Not easy to photo while wearing!

Next time I get a shirt I like for this project I will have to try and remember to do a ‘how to’ for it. I will have to find some more shirts I like at op-shops first though! Might get myself into trouble if I raid my home cupboards.

What else would you call fabric napkins that you bought from an op-shop and turned in to cushions.

comfy cushkins

I found these napkins in a super organised op-shop, they look like brand new!

In other matters I finally bought a needle felting needle, with three needles in it.  In my excitment to use it I have already broken one…..Doh!

Mushroom Cushion

Actually I am not sure if I should call it a mushroom….maybe it is really a toadstool!

So can you eat the red ones??

I am really pleased how it came out. All fabric from op-shops including the lining for the cushion. Even most of the stuffing is off cuts from a furniture shop. The Fabric paint I managed to pick up at a garage sale and the needle work……Well I did it all myself. Yeah!

Thank you to my friend who encouraged me and lent me the shimmer look thread to spunk up the white spots on the top. You truly are the queen on the threads!

Look at that (needle) circle work!

Thank you also to my other friend for finding the perfect gingham red fabric for the back. We all need an Op-shop buddy. Oh, I am serious, they are the ones that find exactly what you need when you can’t!!

Op-shop find of the week!

This week I found a couple of goodies but I think my fav has to be this bracelet.

It was an impulse buy at the counter!

At first glance I thought, oh yeah I like that, maybe I could separate the tiles and attach them to some of my buttons or something. Then when I got home and really looked at it. I just couldn’t break it up, so I wore it. A friend spotted it and commented on my gorgeous ‘gone with the wind’ tile bracelet. It wasn’t until then, that I had even given any thought to them actually being something over then sweet little tiles. Her theory is that they must have been part of a limited edition promotion thing back in the 5o’s maybe. If you know the history of them let me know! In the mean time I will just enjoy wearing it. After all it is quite cute!