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Hello Blog World!

It has been such a long time! I have jumped back on to get involved with the craft auction. Below I have two auctions for you to bid on!


The first auction is a set of six wooden hand made buttons.

The items for the second auction is two pairs of hand made wooden button and one hand made screen printed tea towel.

The auction is  as part of the Okay Craftersauction, fundraising for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). Bidding starts – on this post – this Thursday, 20th March at 8pm….Now!!

Winning bidder pays ASRC, and I will cover the postage;

Here is the instuctions:how does it work?

Auction 1)

These button I made from a branch I trimmed off a plum tree in my front yard.

Kat set of 6 wooden buttons

The tea towel is a vintage sewing machine design. Thanks to my hubby for helping with the design on this one!



Screen Printing

I spent a day screen printing with a 5 year old. This is what he made.

Have sewn this onto a t-shirt which is currently being worn with lots of pride!

This what I made

Not sure what to do with mine yet, any ideas?

….I think his is better.