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Finished corset

Yes, I did actually finish it!

I am so proud! All that hard work really paid off!

Now I just have to get better at lacing it up by myself….might take a little practise!

Thanks Leimomi!



Check out this link


Wow, I love this.

When I think of all the fantastic mens shirt fabrics I have seen in my op-shop obsession from stripes, checks, flannel, all of those times I put it back because although I loved it I just couldn’t think exactly what to do with it. (yes I am getting better at reducing my stash rather than adding to it…sometimes). After reading this link all I can think of now is missed opportunities of those shirts I put back. I am already picturing few new items I can create for my wardrobe.  I love refashion ideas, and this lady seems to have loads of them!  I can’t wait to try this one….only 6 more weeks until holidays and a break from homework, which means more time for sewing. Yeah!

Love a parcel!

It is so exciting when a parcel comes even when you are expecting it. Actually in this case especially because I was expecting it.

Yes I am pleased to announce my boning arrived yesterday, all the way from New Zealand with some extra added New Zealand goodies. Thanks Leimomi!

Now all I have to do is try and remember what all the final steps to finishing off my corset were!!

Did a workshop with the Dreamstress

I took the opportunity these easter holidays to do a workshop to learn how to make a corset. The course was run at Thread Den and the teacher was Leimomi Oakes who is the Dreamstress, a textile historian, seamstress, designer, speaker and museum professional. Oh and of course she is a very cool chic! There is a photo of me and the girls doing the workshop with her, check it out! You know it’s going to be good fun when you see sewing machines and hammers all being used at the same time. Now all I have to do is wait for a parcel to arrive in the mail so that I can finish it. 











Then I helped a friend put the straw bales into the walls for the house they are building, which I might add looks amazing.  It is built with reclaimed timber framing so most of it is stunning hard wood. The view from the main living room is spectacular and the addition of a composting toilet and great cellar is going to make it a fantastic low environmental impact home. It was fun and inspirational.

The holidays finished with a fantastic new addition to my sewing tools in the form of my new friend diana and even though she has no arms of legs I can see she is certainly still going to be a big help!

Off to a good start

I thought this would be a good project to jump start my creations,

I must say that although I am only finding a short time to do any sewing at the moment I am pleased to say that a little bit each day is a great way to go!

I heard a rumour that bubble skirts are back in fashion!

Dress days

With all of the things I have booked in to do during the next  two months, it looks like I am going to be flat out. The list includes things like making a wedding dress, making and decorating a wedding cake and too many more things than I even want to think about, let alone write down. I need a plan, I need to get organised, I need to prioritise things carefully.Actually I just need to learn to say NO. But that will have to wait until another time. In the mean time I will try and fit in making some dresses and other items to sell at a christmas market. I have been thinking about what things I will make this year to sell and I must confess I have a long list. (Are you surprised?) It is my aim then to work on my items EVERYDAY! Even if it is just for a short time I will do something everyday, starting tomorrow, I mean today. Yes I must start this with the conviction to do it. Even if one day is just sketching ideas down. It’s a bit exciting really and I look forward to showing you my progress. In the meantime here are some photos of dresses I have made for friends as presents.

I fixed a friends sewing machine…. I fixed another friends sewing machine…….I showed some friends how to set up their new machines…….I broke my overlocker…..not able to fix it yet……I really broke it, I need a replacement part…….DOH!

But before I broke it I did some great sewing. I have nearly finished my swimsuit…Photo to come soon, but here is some other exciting photos for now……..

Made another cape….

Little blue riding hood

I love these things!

I FINISHED MY QUILT!  Well the front panel part….I still have to do the back and put it together. The only problem is…it’s so big it’s hard to get a good photo!

Yeah so exciting!

Made some more craft for the stall, with some fabulous ladies. They just give and give these girls, it’s inspiring!

The perfect tooth fairy pillow!

crafty phones

A bit of magic

Some wall art

some more eatable craft

wash mittens....I actually made these ones!

I love the stars are ribbon bags!

peanut people are too much fun!

Head bands, aprons, gloves, scarves and more!

Wow, it just looks so great! Everyone worked so hard!


I have been making things and forgetting to take photos! Am I loosing my touch?? Two weeks of craft group meetings I have forgotten to take any photos. Presents made for friends, with no photos to show for it and the beginnings of my first attempt at sewing my very own swim suit and still nothing to show you. This is concerning, surprising yet somehow it’s not all bad. In fact it might just mean that I still love to craft even if I am a little forgetful. To make up for it here are two photos of one pair of booties.

Very cute!

I used the pattern from' Meet Me at Mikes' first book.

Speaking of Meet Me at Mikes, I am proud to say after reading her blog since I discovered the magical land of the blogville, that I finally went to her shop this week. Yeah! Not so proud to say that when I saw her all I could do is smile and say “hi” as she walked by, then turn and whisper to my friend….”That’s her”. Oh, how very mature of me.

Sew What!

I wish I could have fitted it all in, it's a huge lovely old building!

Have you ever heard of a town in rural Victoria called Maryborough? It is not a large town, but it is a growing town. I visited this town on the weekend. As we drove around having a look I spied a sign, it read…..”SEW WHAT”   It was like an invitation, it was like it was calling me, it was just too tempting, I had to know what it was all about. It is located in the old  Maryborough flour Mill and IT is fabulous.

Wayne and Judi McKail  have done a wonderful job of collecting, and restoring sewing machines in fact I joined a tour led by Wayne where he spoke about  their collection. The tour included over 250 vintage, antique and toy sewing machines,  and I loved it. I could have spent all day there.

The Vickers my favourite for too many reasons to mention

The handy carry sewing machine!

Sewing machines not only looked fabulous but as Wayne demonstrated for us, they sounded divine as they glided along to the gentle rythmn of the pedal. The tour was great, it is always exciting to talk to someone who is passionate about what they do. I don’t think any two tours would be the same! I love the fact that the whole  collection started because one day Judi said to Wayne that she would like a treadle sewing machine. Then look what happened!!

An old sewing machine that has been lovingly restored, works like a charm and looks like a dream is truly a thing of beauty.

The oldest machine in the collection.

This one when you open the door it is actually the seat! How cool is that!

Now the only problem was I ran out of time and I missed out on seeing the rest of shop and exhibitions they have on offer for. Guess I will just have to find another excuse to go to Maryborough.

If you want to know what I am talking about check out “Sew What” at the Maryborough Flour Mill.

Wayne and Judy


I have made a few dresses lately. They are not only fun to make, they are soo cute to see on!

And I also tried to use this dress using the same lovely vintage style pattern to make it in to a reversible dress too. See if you recognise the fabrics??