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Hello Blog!



Congratulations to my Mum whose fabulous crochet sandwiches have been chosen for the front page of MADE IT!


Jelly fish

I love holidays!

It tried to follow me home, but couldn’t get past the sand!

3 more weeks of freedom and I spent the day cleaning up my sewing space….this time I will not be making 27 capes! This time I will make something for myself… and then 30 art smocks. But ME FIRST!! I cannot let my corset be the only thing I made for myself this year, it’s not exactly something I can wear everyday!

Nearly finished…

Classes are over! Now I finally have some time to do sewing, which means I have nearly finished my corset!Image

Been painting!!

As you might have noticed, I am sorry to say the sewing has been taking a bit of a back seat this year. I have been attempting to learn how to paint. I have spent a lot of time working on a portrait of a friend. Whilst this painting will never grace the walls of any gallery, it is my first attempt at a portrait and I feel quite proud of the fact that I have finally had the courage….(push) I needed to actually attempt something as complicated as a portrait.Image

Fox & Co travelling band

I went shopping for a family birthday present, on the weekend. This consisted of a stop in rural victoria at a fabulous market in Castlemaine. It probably comes as no surprise to you that the shopping trip resulted in the discovery of yet another very talented crafter with so many things I liked that I just had to buy myself a present instead.

Image I

The very foxy lady who made this item has a stall on Etsy with only a very small sample of what fabulous treasures she had on display in her market stall.

ImageOh yes and as you can see her shop is called Fox & Co Travelling band

While you are on Etsy you just have to pop over and Check out Radish and Ruth with her fabulous felted creations. 

I received another parcel today. This time from my Mum.

It is so fantastic, I just love it!

Hold the mayo!

She will be listing them for sale on her Made it site next week so keep a look out for it if you want to own your very own crochet sandwich! They would make a wonderful gift for a little girl to encourage imaginary play skills. I’ll put a link in next week when they are listed.

Keep crafting everyone!

Love a parcel!

It is so exciting when a parcel comes even when you are expecting it. Actually in this case especially because I was expecting it.

Yes I am pleased to announce my boning arrived yesterday, all the way from New Zealand with some extra added New Zealand goodies. Thanks Leimomi!

Now all I have to do is try and remember what all the final steps to finishing off my corset were!!

Give aways!

I have just come from the lovely radishandruth blog where she has been felting up a storm. Have you ever heard of felted soap? I hadn’t until today. Do you want to try it? Well this could be your chance! She is holding a give away. Hurry over NOW so you don’t miss out!!

I’ve been picked!

How exciting I made this week’s pick on “Made it”. Check it out!

Made it