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Hello Blog World!

It has been such a long time! I have jumped back on to get involved with the craft auction. Below I have two auctions for you to bid on!


The first auction is a set of six wooden hand made buttons.

The items for the second auction is two pairs of hand made wooden button and one hand made screen printed tea towel.

The auction is  as part of the Okay Craftersauction, fundraising for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). Bidding starts – on this post – this Thursday, 20th March at 8pm….Now!!

Winning bidder pays ASRC, and I will cover the postage;

Here is the instuctions:how does it work?

Auction 1)

These button I made from a branch I trimmed off a plum tree in my front yard.

Kat set of 6 wooden buttons

The tea towel is a vintage sewing machine design. Thanks to my hubby for helping with the design on this one!



Congratulations to my Mum whose fabulous crochet sandwiches have been chosen for the front page of MADE IT!


Jelly fish

I love holidays!

It tried to follow me home, but couldn’t get past the sand!

3 more weeks of freedom and I spent the day cleaning up my sewing space….this time I will not be making 27 capes! This time I will make something for myself… and then 30 art smocks. But ME FIRST!! I cannot let my corset be the only thing I made for myself this year, it’s not exactly something I can wear everyday!

Finished corset

Yes, I did actually finish it!

I am so proud! All that hard work really paid off!

Now I just have to get better at lacing it up by myself….might take a little practise!

Thanks Leimomi!


Nearly finished…

Classes are over! Now I finally have some time to do sewing, which means I have nearly finished my corset!Image

Been painting!!

As you might have noticed, I am sorry to say the sewing has been taking a bit of a back seat this year. I have been attempting to learn how to paint. I have spent a lot of time working on a portrait of a friend. Whilst this painting will never grace the walls of any gallery, it is my first attempt at a portrait and I feel quite proud of the fact that I have finally had the courage….(push) I needed to actually attempt something as complicated as a portrait.Image

Fox & Co travelling band

I went shopping for a family birthday present, on the weekend. This consisted of a stop in rural victoria at a fabulous market in Castlemaine. It probably comes as no surprise to you that the shopping trip resulted in the discovery of yet another very talented crafter with so many things I liked that I just had to buy myself a present instead.

Image I

The very foxy lady who made this item has a stall on Etsy with only a very small sample of what fabulous treasures she had on display in her market stall.

ImageOh yes and as you can see her shop is called Fox & Co Travelling band

While you are on Etsy you just have to pop over and Check out Radish and Ruth with her fabulous felted creations. 

I received another parcel today. This time from my Mum.

It is so fantastic, I just love it!

Hold the mayo!

She will be listing them for sale on her Made it site next week so keep a look out for it if you want to own your very own crochet sandwich! They would make a wonderful gift for a little girl to encourage imaginary play skills. I’ll put a link in next week when they are listed.

Keep crafting everyone!

Check out this link


Wow, I love this.

When I think of all the fantastic mens shirt fabrics I have seen in my op-shop obsession from stripes, checks, flannel, all of those times I put it back because although I loved it I just couldn’t think exactly what to do with it. (yes I am getting better at reducing my stash rather than adding to it…sometimes). After reading this link all I can think of now is missed opportunities of those shirts I put back. I am already picturing few new items I can create for my wardrobe.  I love refashion ideas, and this lady seems to have loads of them!  I can’t wait to try this one….only 6 more weeks until holidays and a break from homework, which means more time for sewing. Yeah!